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St. Croix Rent A Villa and Villa Minders offer complete vacation villa services for off island owners and rental vacation guests.


Villa Services for off-island homeowners

St. Croix Villas owners services     St. Croix VillaMinders  is an independent service to take care of your island property. In general we partner with St. Croix Rent A Villa to handle all the owners house needs.
     St. Croix VillaMinders service always includes checking your property for security and appearance. Cistern and pool levels are checked as well.
     St. Croix VillaMinders will maintain your list of contacts for property work or if none is given has contacts with qualified repairmen, electricians, plumbers, etc. who can be contacted for services or an emergency.
    St. Croix VillaMinders  is a personalized service (not a large property management company) tailored for each off-island homeowner who wants "a friend" watching out for their property and co-ordinating all aspects of owner requests, without high owner expense.

Complete Guest Rental Services

    St. Croix VillaMinders will meet your guests and escort them to your villa.

    Food provisioning service for guests is also available if requested.

        St. Croix VillaMinders is on call for all guest needs during their stay at your villa if needed.


Bio and Mission Statement

If you are an on off-island property owner and are looking for excellent personalized service with a detail towards maintaining your property without the high cost of property management while providing dedicated and customer service qualities we would like to speak with you as not every property will be eligible for our services.

St. Croix VillaMinders perform all owner tasks, plus concierge and guest services for your guests. In addition, we work with St. Croix Rent A Villa who professionally handles the advertising/marketing of your property for your villa vacation rentals. 


To get started please call Rent A Villa at 800 533-6863 to set up an appointment or return the form to us and we will contact you promptly!


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